A stepmom at 30?!

Well the title says it all... 

  My three year relationship came with something else, my boyfriend is 10 years old then myself and has a 16 year old daughter. I knew coming in that he had a daughter but I never though in a million years I would become a stepmom to her when I feel like I have a lot more growing up to do. 

  I guess I grew up quick now ever since my stepdaughter talked to me one day and said that she considers me as a her stepmom because her biological mother has never been in her life. 

 Mind you I never really truly wanted my own kids in my life because I never had that want or urge in my life. You can say my biological clock isn't really ticking that loud which is totally fine with me. 

  Becoming a stepmom has been a such a eye opening experience but also has motivated me to become a better woman to my friends, my parents, to my boyfriend and to my stepdaughter. 

Once in a while, the thought of having a stepdaughter and saying I have a stepdaughter blows my mind ever…

Being 30 in 2017 isnt what its cracked up to be.

Well what I can say being 30 in the modern world is the most tedious and also annoying year in life itself. It's how you make of it... 

As for me, 30 has been a transformation in itself for me. As for being a woman some of us want to be married and maybe with a family by the time we are 30 but to me I feel as if we have been held back by those constraints created by man and also family. 
  I have been in a three year relationship and living with my boyfriend but not married or even own a house. Most people would probably judging me because I don't have all my shit together. 

  I'm not here for validation or approval, I'm here for all the other women out there in the world who just want to take life by their own pace regardless of them being in a relationship or single trying to improvement themselves without judgement or pressure from social standards and family. 

  Here's the question of the day: 

  Why do we get judged for shopping at Forever 21 or H&M when we wan…