A stepmom at 30?!

Well the title says it all... 

  My three year relationship came with something else, my boyfriend is 10 years old then myself and has a 16 year old daughter. I knew coming in that he had a daughter but I never though in a million years I would become a stepmom to her when I feel like I have a lot more growing up to do. 

  I guess I grew up quick now ever since my stepdaughter talked to me one day and said that she considers me as a her stepmom because her biological mother has never been in her life. 

 Mind you I never really truly wanted my own kids in my life because I never had that want or urge in my life. You can say my biological clock isn't really ticking that loud which is totally fine with me. 

  Becoming a stepmom has been a such a eye opening experience but also has motivated me to become a better woman to my friends, my parents, to my boyfriend and to my stepdaughter. 

Once in a while, the thought of having a stepdaughter and saying I have a stepdaughter blows my mind everyday.. 


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